About me

When I was a boy, my dream was to have a guitar and I remember always asking my mother to buy me one. Unfortunately we were living in hard times and she couldn't afford it.

With time, I eventually moved to Europe but had not lost my dream of becoming a musician. To cut the long story short with the earnings from my first job, I was able to buy a guitar and that was the beginning of my music journey. In 2004 I joined a Band run by a music project called STIL and from that group I got inspiration to write my first song entitled I don't want my homy to die which was an influence of reggae and hiphop. I am grateful to have had a chance to work with popular reggae producers and songwriters.

The following year I met an artist who was working on an R&B music project. He asked me if I could work with him to which I accepted to get involved with the project. The product of this was a song on one his album called Crisis.

In 2007 I registered for a regional song competition which was held in The Netherlands. After sending my song Praise His Name which is a Gospel reggae song, I was selected as one of the semi-finalists. This was again another breakthrough in my music career. In 2010 I moved to Belgium where I currently live and enganging myself with singing and songwriting.

In 2013 I played in a musical called Full Monty and that was a great challenge and adventure to learning new things. For that extraordinary experience, I would like to extend my gratitude to Musicalcompagnie Mithe.